Gift Card

Gift Card


Give the gift of choosing your own pastries!


Gift cards will be emailed as an image file to the email you provide at checkout within 24 hours after purchasing. You can then choose to send the image file to the gift card recipient or print it out to hand deliver!


Since gift cards are emailed to you and do not require physical delivery, if you are only purchasing gift cards and no physical products, please enter this promo code at checkout so you are not charged the delivery fee: "giftcardpurchaseONLY".


These gift cards are single use, this means the full gift card balance must be used in one transaction. If the total purchase amount is less than the gift card balance, the unused balance will be forfeited. The gift card amount does not apply to the delivery fee.

For example, if the gift card is for $10 and the total purchase amount is $5 plus $5 delivery, the total cost to the purchaser is $5. This is because the gift card balance cannot be used towards the $5 delivery fee, and the total purchase amount was less than the $10 gift card balance.


*Each gift card has a unique one-use coupon code and is valid up to 1 year after the purchase date.